1993 born in Tokyo, Japan
2019 completed Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London 2020- BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London

NOBU is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. He has been drawing oil paintings and drawings for six years since the summer of 2012, focusing on the unconscious territory and primitive aspects of humans. He later studied at University of the Arts London in search of a wide range of media expressions, producing mainly sculptures and installations.
Currently, he creates works inspired by environmental issues such as marine plastic, which has become a hot topic in recent years. The remnants of rubber goods and metal shards left in the vast desert that he saw in Saudi Arabia when he studied in England shocked him. He believes that we must pay close attention to the negative effects on the environment behind the useful life that we have created while living in harmony with nature. We must always think about the future of modern society where mass production and mass consumption occur every day while feeling the beauty of nature.

Solo Exhibition

2017 the 1st NOBU exhibition (Koenji Goodman)
2018 the 2nd NOBU exhibition (WONTANARA TOKYO)
   the 3rd NOBU exhibition (Meee Gallery Tokyo)
   the 4th NOBU exhibition (KO.TO.TAMO.PEVA)

Live Paint

2016 Collaboration Live Paint with Celestine Sakamoto (Yellow Vision)
   Light It Up Blue (UNICUS Kawagoe)
2017 Light It Up Blue (UNICUS Kawagoe)
   Otomachi Ko-Edo Autumn Festival (UNICUS Kawagoe)
   Be Vint-Age (Yoyogi Park)
2018 Light It Up Blue (UNICUS Kawagoe)
   UNICUS Kawagoe Summer Festival (UNICUS Kawagoe)


2016 won for Sanki Exhibition (The National Art Center)
   won for Ogen Exhibition (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)